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Indian Wedding Outfits

Indian Wedding Outfits

A Hindu bride wishing to follow the traditional path should wear a wedding gown or sari in red and white, which symbolizes wealth, purity and fertility.

Another traditional ceremony, called the Mehndi ceremony is performed as well. Traditionally, the female friends and relatives of the bride gather together to have their hands and feet painted with a special henna dye. The designs are usually elaborate and must be allowed to dry at least overnight. It is said that the darker the henna design, the more successful the marriage.

The groom's family often gives the bride a sari as a gift, so she may end up wearing two saris on her wedding day. The other is given by the bride's maternal uncle (called mama), and is heavier and more embroidered.

The groom traditionally weears white, ivory or beige. His traditional outfit includes a long tunic embroidered with gold thread (called a Sherwani) worn with Kurta pajamas or with a simpler dhoti and tunic. Although it is not a custom it is fashionnable for both families adorn themselves with their finest gold jewellery and clothing.